Below, we list companies involved in the BCI field and closely related sectors

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Company Country
Advanced Brain Monitoring USA
Alpha Omega Israel
ANT Neuro Netherlands
Artinis Medical Systems Netherlands
Axona UK
Bak Electronics USA
Bee Medic USA
Biolab Switzerland
Biopac USA
BioSemi Netherlands
BitBrain Technologies Spain
Blackrock Microsystems USA
Brain Actuated Technologies USA
Brain Products Germany
BrainMaster Technologies
Cambridge Electronic Design
Cognionics USA
CorTec Germany
Cortech Solutions USA
Czech Republic
Docobo UK
Electrical Geodesics USA
emka Technologies
Emotiv USA
Germany UK
Grass Technologies USA
g.tec medical engineering Austria
HEService Netherlands
Interactive Productline Sweden
InteraXon Canada
mBrainTrain Serbia
MED-EL Austria
Medtronic USA
Mind Media Netherlands
Mind Solutions USA
MindAffect Netherlands
Mindflex USA
Mindlab UK
Mindmaze Switzerland
Mindo USA
MindWare Technologies USA
Mitsar Russia
Myndplay UK
Necomimi Japan
Neural Signals USA
Neuro-Insight Australia
Neurobit Systems Poland
Neuroconn Germany
Neuroelectrics Spain
Neuromatters USA
Neuronetrix USA
Neuroscan USA
Neuroscience Technologies Spain
NeuroSky USA
Neurosoft Russia
Neurovigil USA
Nielsen Germany
NIRx Germany
OT Bioelettronica Italy
Otto Bock Germany
Personal Neuro Canada
Philips Research Netherlands
PLUX Portugal
Puzzlebox Canada
Quasar USA
Ripple USA
SpecialEffect UK
Starlab Spain
T-Systems Germany
Telekom Innovation Laboratories Germany
TMSi Netherlands
Xcessity Austria