BNCI Horizon 2020 article has most reads in the journal Brain-Computer Interfaces

During the BNCI Horizon 2020 project runtime a nice article about all the aims and background of developing a Roadmap for the European Commission was published in Brain-Computer Interfaces

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. What a great success, the article reached more than 4300 reads!

The Business Of Brain-To-Brain Communication

Brain Communication

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. Without a doubt, possible. However, to what extent? What if the next “technology” to become obsolete is the language? Try imagining the world where there is no need to learn a new foreign language to communicate; in fact any language at all

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. However, how would we communicate then? (WT Vox)


Future fighter pilot training may include brain surgery

Fighter pilots already have a close connection to the planes they are flying

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. Now that connection may get even deeper due to the work of a group of Australian researchers and doctors. For the past four years, a team of neurologists and engineers from the University of Melbourne, along with surgeons at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, have been developing an advanced brain/machine interface that is long lasting and easy to implant

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Why Not Fly a Drone – With Your Mind?

Calling all telekinetics! Well, not quite

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. But the next best thing to truly controlling matter with your mind might be controlling a drone through the power of your thoughts. It sounds straight out of science fiction (and in a sense, it is), but a lot of great science fact began as fiction. Engineering and computer science students at the University of Florida seem to agree, which inspired them to create an interface that allows someone to control a small aerial drone with their brain. But what do you do with brain-controlled drones? The answer should be obvious: you race them

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